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Here at KGRA we passionately believe in freedom of speech, freedom of thought and freedom within a truly alternative media. We established this network to not only get truth and information to the world, but also to create a community of like-minded, inquiring individuals who can help shape the discussion, help shape KGRA and even the new reality we live in.
We can’t do this without you. If you are serious about the subjects we cover, we ask you to join us. Help support not only KGRA, but also a new community within paranormal, cryptid and UFO research. Together we have a golden opportunity to establish a truly independent free-thinking media outlet, redefine our concepts of reality, and shape not only the world we live in, but possibly all of our futures too.
KGRA paid membership gives you access to the most recent archives of our LIVE shows. Free Membership gives you access to some FREE content inside the paid member archives. KGRA membership shows your support.

Richard Dolan

"What makes our network special is its independence. Look around you. Major media wants to get inside your head every day. Major media, owned by corporate conglomerates, would love nothing more than to monopolize the airwaves, and by doing so, eliminate independent critical thinking among the people. Those of us who care about truth, who care about justice, who care about the future of our world, have an obligation to do whatever we can to fight against that. To me, that is what KGRA is all about".

Richard M. Dolan - KGRA Host, Author and Historian

Micah Hanks

“KGRA provides not only quality programing, but also reasonably priced membership to not just one program, but an entire host of shows ranging from news and politics, to UFOs, science, history, and a number of other diverse subjects. The programs on KGRA feature many of the best names in the field, and of course, by supporting what the fine people at KGRA are doing, listeners are able to help researchers, authors, and hosts who work with them to the fight against the ideological divide that exists in media today, which so often seeks to dismiss or ignore outright the alternatives to mainstream thought.”

Micah Hanks – KGRA Host, Writer and Researcher


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